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Healing and HOPE at Cornerstone of Grace

Many of our residents at Cornerstone of Grace have faced past trauma. Our program offers a safe haven and support system to help them rebuild their lives.

Virtual Tour 

To get a feel for the supportive environment at Cornerstone of Grace, please watch!

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Cornerstone of Grace serves women (with or without children) who are facing life-challenging problems. Residents will have an individualized length of stay for a minimum of three months and up to one year. As a part of their residency, women must actively participate in all program components. These include professional counseling, parenting classes, life skills curriculum assignments, financial training, plus individual and group sessions with a facilitator or mentor to create and monitor personal goals.

Resident Testimonies

"Cornerstone of Grace has changed my life.  In just a short time, I have become more structured, neat, and organized.  This program is teaching me how to have a sober life.  The love and support here are astonishing. I had lost my faith and myself through addiction.  Cornerstone is providing an accountability process that has been retraining my mind to have new healthy habits.  I now have a vision for myself through a new faith in Jesus. The cornerstone of Grace is truly life-changing. I have seen big results as I put in the work required of me.  I cannot wait to see what is ahead".

Cornerstone Of Grace Women's Shelter in Watertown, Wisconsin

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Meet Cornerstone of Grace

Our two Watertown homes provide a nurturing environment for up to six families at a time. We believe in the power of collaboration, and by partnering with various community organizations, we offer a holistic approach to supporting families.

Becoming a Resident

To be considered for residency, women must be:

  • 18 years of age or older.

  • Willing to put in the work to complete the program requirements.

  • Emotionally and physically healthy, able to function independently.

  • Stable in recovery if there is a history of substance abuse.

  • Willing to commit to regular church attendance at the church of their choosing.

  • Willing to refrain from sexual activity during their stay.

Ready to take the next step? The first step is to complete an interview process to discuss your needs and ensure CSOG is a good fit for your particular situation. Reach out to start the conversation!

(920) 285-8378

Cornerstone Of Grace Be a Resident Watertown, WI.

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Hear Allyson's Inspiring Testimony About Life at Cornerstone of Grace

She'll share how Cornerstone of Grace provided her with the love, acceptance, and spiritual guidance she needed to thrive. 

Reach out to start the conversation!

(920) 285-8378

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