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Help Lay the Foundation of Hope at Cornerstone of Grace

Cornerstone Of Grace Donate Today Watertown, WI.

The monthly sponsorship fee for one family at Cornerstone of Grace is $900.  We ask women to contribute toward that starting at 15% of the monthly participation fee compared to the federal poverty level. If they do not meet the federal poverty level, the entire amount is paid through sponsorships.

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Explanation of Cost

Room & Board

Room, insurance costs, wear and tear on furniture, and facility in common areas


Heating cost, cooling cost, and water.


Gas, taxi vouchers, repairs, and insurance per person. 

Program Staff

CSOG provides daily support for women and their children through paid staff and volunteers. This includes weekly one-on-one meetings, curriculum support, weekly professional counseling, parenting support, Financial Peace Training, and more.


CSOG provides support for clothes, food, and car repairs as needed and deemed appropriate for our women during their stay with us. 

Donate Today!

Entering credit card details


Currently, we accept online donations via PayPal. 

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P.O. BOX 746

Watertown, WI. 53094

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Amazon Wishlist

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Needs List
Cornerstone Of Grace Donate Today Watertown, WI.
  • Toilet paper

  • Laundry Detergent for sensitive skin

  • Kwik Trip fuel-only gift cards

  • Outdoor yard toys (golf set, collapsible wagon, plastic pool, hoppity hop balls, etc.)

  • Landscaping mulch

  • Kid-sized outdoor picnic tables

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