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Mother and a Child

About Us

We have two homes in Watertown that serve six families. As we partner with many area groups, we provide our families with the holistic support they need to overcome life’s challenges and empower them to lead independent thriving lives.

Our History

The dream of such a place as Cornerstone of Grace was started in the heart of its founder, Michele, over a decade before it came to fruition. In 2007, Michele had a vision to create a safe place for women and children. At the time she started journaling her thoughts, asking God to bless her with a home that would in turn bless women and their children facing life-challenging problems.

12 years later, in 2019, God brought that journal entry back to Michele’s mind, and a calling to her heart that now was the time to pursue that dream. That stirring led Michele to pursue the current location in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Cornerstone of Grace opened its doors to residents beginning in January of 2021and currently has residences for six women and their children.

Image by Colin Maynard
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