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Cornerstone of Grace is intended to help women (with or without children) who are facing life-challenging problems. Residents will have an individualized length of stay, with a minimum stay of three months. As part of residency, women must be present at all devotions and dinners throughout the week, and participate in ongoing individual and group sessions and complete regular progress reports.

Becoming a Resident

To be considered for residency, individuals must be:

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Willing to refrain from sexual activity

  • Willing to study the Bible with staff and volunteers

  • Emotionally and physically healthy, able to function independently, and require minimum supervision

  • Able to live harmoniously with others, striving for cooperation and mutual encouragement with other residents, staff and volunteers

  • Stable in recovery if she has previously suffered from substance abuse.

  • Willing to commit to regular church attendance at the church of the individual’s choosing.


To apply for residency, contact Michele at (920) 285-8378.

Contact Us

Before becoming a resident, you must complete an interview process. Reach out to start the conversation!

(920) 285-8378

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